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Jyotiṣa (Jyotisha)

Jyotisha is a science, an art, a path, and a practice. The root word of Jyotisha translates to Light. In our not so distant past (5000+ years ago), the sages of India cognized the living breathing practice of Jyotisha through direct observations of the stars and correlating phenomena on earth and its people. Jyotisha is where science and spirituality is thought to be the same. It is studied as an oral tradition and supplemented by knowledge from books.

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The planet Jupiter is one of the five true planets in Jyotisha. The four other true planets are Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Saturn, with Sun and Moon considered luminaries. Generally, planets can be categorized as benefics or malefics. Jupiter, whose other name is Bṛhaspati, is known as the great benefic. Before we take a closer look at Jupiter, let’s step back a moment to see how Jyotisha engages with planets.

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Muhūrta (Timings)

Muhūrta is a beautiful and simple concept, yet a vital way for us to engage in our life using the concept of correct timing. Think of Muhūrta as the proper action at the proper time!

Muhūrta is finding the proper time to initiate an event or activity. This can be any event that is important to you. It sets a precedent or foundation of what you expect to see in this event’s success. Just like ensuring you have a solid foundation to build this new beginning on.

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About Rita Balian

I have been studying Jyotisha, this science of life, for over 12 years. As far back as I can recall, I have seen myself as a child of “Mother Earth”, and yet, have always been fascinated by the heavens and looked to the skies in utter curiosity at the luminaries, planets, and stars! Meeting my teacher, Bette Timm many years later, re-ignited the spark again, and I began my traditional studies. Jyotisha is an ancient science, and Bette honored this ancient art and science by teaching me in the student/teacher fashion, supplemented by books and computer software. My favourite pastime with Bette is gazing up and locating the planets as they transit the skies.

As I continue to learn, I offer immense gratitude and blessings to Bette Timm, to her teacher, Hart de Fouw, and to the Lineage of masters who cognized and passed down this ancient yet relevant art and science of coming back to ourselves in The Light! Always in awe!


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